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YAKTAK Technologies Inc. is well known for its extensive experience and workmanship in providing technological solutions in operation and maintenance of commercial, residential and high-rise buildings. We’ve been offering customers with expert advice, design, installation and maintenance services in order to provide most cost effective solutions and reducing operational and maintenance costs. 

Our specialties include: Complete automation solutions for the Residential, Commercial and High-Rise market. We provide design installation, testing and support services to integrate the following systems for simple operation: Home Theatres, Distributed Audio/Video, Lighting Control Systems, Communications, Networking, Video Monitoring, Boardroom Automation and much more.

Modern Office
Commercial Buildings
Modern House

Commercial                       High-Rise                       Residential 

Offering vast array of technologies for your businesses and commercial environment in order to achieve optimal experience.

Using latest technologies to turn your home into a smart home and optimizing comfort and entertainment for your home.

Providing high rise building with maximum  operational efficiency, security and safety through comprehensive smart integration. 

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